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From the "Jugend-Forscht"-project to the current Eyetracking system

In this paragraph I would like to illustrate the development of my idea with a few pictures to make it possible to follow the steps from the original vision to the (pre-)final product. The Eyetracking system version 5 is the third fully functional Eyetracking system after version 3.0 and 3.5 which were constructed by myself during the "Jugend-Forscht" competition. As the version numbers indicate there were three predecessors which stood at the start of the development : To give you an idea of the course of such a development I will show you the following pictures (take a look and enjoy!)



Eyetracker 1.0 (1994):

This system was the first actual set put up. As you can see it is very basic. A lot of improvements had to be made , especially concerning the design (i.e. cooling modules, loose cable connections)



Eyetracker 2.0 (1995)

The system is located inside an external box and connected to the PC by an ISA-interface card. This design was the first one based on an industrially manufactured board. This step had become necessary due to minimization of size. Additionally the resolution compared to version 1.0 was doubled.



Eyetracker 5.0 1995  (final Eyetracking System):

The system is located directly on an ISA-card and it is the fastest of all my Eyetracking systems so far. Version 5.0 detects the eye at a resolution of 512x256 at a rate of 25 per second. You see the two programmable arrays, which are able to calculate with about 800 MIPS



Demo video

To see a demonstration have a look at the AVI-Video (700 kb, AVI ). It shows the process of pattern recognition online at a resolution of 120 x 90 dots. Due to the high compression rate of the AVI-format the image is a bit blurry.


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