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I woluld like to thank the following persons and companies for their support, emphasizing the continuous commitment of my former mathematics and computer science teacher:

  • Especially I would like to thank my mentor Wilfried Grunewald, mathematics, physics and computer science teacher at the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium Dinslaken. Mr. Grunewald supported me with great personal commitment right from the start.
  • Conta Optik company
    Solltudestr. 40
    71638 Ludwigsburg, especially Frau Schlechter
    Conta Optic in association with an english contact lens manufacturer granted me a specially configured contact lens.
  • Conrad company
    Klaus-Conrad Str. 1
    92240 Hirschau, especially Mr. Hirmer
    Conrad granted me a discount on components and measuring instruments as well as on the B/W camera.
  • ELV, company
    especially Mr. Wiemers
    ELV gave me discount on components and measuring instruments as well.
  • Elektor company,
    especially Raimund Krings.
    Elektor gave me a Compuboard for experimental use.
  • Siemens company
    Siemens put a microcontroler 80c166 at my disposal.
  • Eye specialists Mrs. and Mr. Dr. Küllenberg
    They measured my eyes and answered my questions concerning the eyes.
  • Institut Volmarstein
    the institute helped me in association with engineer Mr. Humann and psychologist Rainer Wallbruch, to adapt my system to the needs of disabled persons. Furthermore, they gave me a demo version of the BASCO-system so we could match our systems.
  • Dr. Möller,
    physician at the Uni-Klinik Düsseldorf. Dr.Möller helped me to estimate possible eye injuries caused by infrared light.
  • Mr. Prof. Dr. S. Bethke
    he granted me hard disk space on the RWTH Aachen physics webserver.
  • My fellow student ·Jan Sievers he composed this homepage.
  • And last, but not least my parents and friends, who helped me proof-reading.


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